The best Micro PLC Data logger

The LOBIOT ONE micro PLC provides you with automation solutions at any performance level, with modern, standardized functionality.

The LOBIOT ONE is a fully adaptable PLC for complex or simple applications and is the best industrial IOT device on the market.

Make a future investment in automating your processes with!

Added to superior performance, our new generation MICRO PLC is itself a DATALOGGER that stores all your important data.

It also contains a REST JSON API to easily integrate our device with any third-party system.

Our LOBIOT ONE MICRO PLC is a real-time controller, running a 64-bit Linux operating system. Thanks to this, we can incorporate basic functions to the device, such as control logic and advanced functions, such as our REST JSON API, which includes the documentation of the API itself on the device.

Really small micro


Captive web portal

We have added a web portal (which we will access from any web browser by connecting to a Wi-Fi network generated by the device itself) that makes it easy for the user to configure and start up the equipment in a very friendly way.


Efficient scheduling

We have added a programmable logic system to each device that is very easy to use so that we can create the intelligence of our device to our liking. We can also control your industry, domotize a house or simply manage the lights in our garden. The LOBIOT ONE control logic is programmed very visually and efficiently. Through the captive portal, we can easily program this logic, schematically, without a single line of code!


Easy integration with third party systems

In turn, we have created a definitive method so that any third-party system in which we want to integrate our device can easily communicate in it: We use a very powerful and configurable REST JSON API, from which we can act on the device from any third-party HTTP TCP-IP system. If you already have your system, it is very easy for you to integrate our device into it. In the following diagram you can see an example of integration of our LOBITO ONE with a centralized web system to control consumption, temperatures, valve status, etc.


IOT (Internet Of Things)

Our device contains the best features of a PCL / DATA LOGGER as well as the best features of the software applications of the future (API REST JSON, relational database, captive web portal, etc.) which make the LOBIOT ONE the best IOT device in the world. industrial market. You can connect the LOBIOT ONE to your internet application thanks to its REST JSON API!


Innovative design

Our innovative design allows the size of the LOBIO ONE to be really small (see photo) and its weight to be really low (46g).


Advanced security

The LOBIOT ONE is fail-safe and offers the highest level of security: A microprocessor / controller, a communication chip, and fail-safe software.


Safe diagnosis

The simplified software design and the layered structure of our firmware allow the LOBIOT ONE to give a quick response in real time, minimizing downtime in production.


Management database

We include a relational database in the device (with all the advantages of the powerful relationship databases existing in the most powerful servers in the world). In this way, we can save all the information we need for later use or analysis. We can even save all that information every second !!

Technical Specification

In the next list are the Lobiot One technical specification: