Domestical applications

Domestic applications

Lobiot ONE 2021

Some domestic applications and features of the Lobiot One:

  • Remote Control (Switching On/Off) of Interior/Exterior Lighting.
  • Alarm System (intrusion detection).
  • Energy Consumption of Lights, Air Conditioning, etc. Metering.
  • Remote Control of Ambient and Temperature start-up.
  • Photovoltaic Solar Panels Energy Measurement.
  • Remote Control of Garage Door (open/close).
  • Anti-Intrusion System: Doors and Windows Lock.
  • Access Control System: Fingerprint, Entry Codes, etc.
  • Sensorization and Monitoring the home environment, (Temperature, Relative Humidity, Fire/Smoke Protection, Control of Oil Boilers, Pipe Anti-freezing System etc.)